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The electronics giant LG has recently announced its entry into the next-generation LED cinema arena with the launch of a hugely impressive DCI compliant 14m x 7m LED screen — and we are delighted to inform customers that this ground-breaking solution is available now to be specified with Bel Air Cinema installations.

LG’s LED cinema solution packs some impressive performance figures, including a 3.3mm pixel pitch, with professional-grade DCI content played via a special version of the Dolby IMS3000 mediablock. That makes this solution 100% compatible with the Bel Air Cinema system, meaning customers can enjoy superior picture quality and far deeper blacks — extremely high contrast ratio uniformity is one of the signatures of this LED product.

Customers specifying an LG LED screen with their BAC installation can look forward to vivid colours in the DCI-P3 colour gamut, without dimming or any washed out effects. And there are practical benefits too — operational efficiency is assured with the longer LED lifetime of up to 100,000 hours; and no need for a projection booth means space savings can be realised.

“The DCI-compliant superior picture quality achieved with LG’s unrivalled display technology makes the LG LED Cinema solution a hugely appealing one for our customers,” explains Julien Peilleron, BAC’s chief content officer, adding “Superior picture quality that exceeds the DCI standards giving the best viewing experience makes the LG LED solution a compelling proposition.”

Additionally, LG’s LED cinema is compatible with Dolby® media servers. Dolby is the global leader in entertainment technologies for the movies and the world’s No.1 manufacturer of digital cinema servers with proven reliability and performance.

Click here to be taken to Dolby Cinema Processor CP950 website

The Dolby Cinema Processor CP950 is our newest innovation in Dolby’s market-leading lineage of cinema processors. It’s designed with more of the capabilities you want — and less of those you don’t — in a flexible, modular, cost-efficient solution.

The CP950 supports our most seamless means of installing Dolby 5.1 and 7.1 surround, and includes an expansion slot for future upgradability to Dolby Atmos* to deliver the most memorable and creatively accurate sound experience for your guests.

The CP950 was designed with our exhibitor partners’ operations in mind, so it’s easy to use, install, and service. A brand-new feature set includes a built-in booth monitor, an intuitive front-panel user interface, a color touchscreen, and a web interface for enhanced access and usability. Other features optimized for today’s cinemas include internal loudspeaker crossover, a high-resolution multi-rate EQ, 16 channels of analog output, audio-over-Ethernet supporting both AES67 or Blu-Link protocols.

Features / Benefits

  • Upgradeable to full Dolby Atmos capability (with future Dolby Atmos expansion card)*
  • Built-in booth monitor to simplify operations and QA
  • Touch screen front panel interface for easy control
  • Web user interface for remote configuration and control
  • Dolby Atmos Designer compatibility for setup and precise system calibration
  • Internal crossovers to enhance sound and reduce installation cost
  • High resolution multi-rate EQ
  • Modular mechanical design allows for field upgradability and serviceability

Bel Air Cinema is proud to announce the launch of its new website, built to showcase the breadth and quality of our content, the service levels we deliver our clients and the resilience of the technology solution that Bel Air Cinema’s private theatre concept is founded on.

The new site includes public-facing sections that demonstrate our service, our technology and our content range, as well as a private members' area which gives customers and authorised integrators exclusive access to our product catalogue, product documents for new and old equipment, an in-depth support section and knowledge base and the ability to find documents that relate to the specific product they have installed, simply by entering a unique BAC ID.

“Our team has worked hard over the past few months to build a site that acts as both a window onto the quality service that Bel Air Cinema provides, as well as a genuinely useful support site that provides the right information our customers and their teams demand when they need it,” explains BAC’s technical director, Brent Watson, adding “We welcome our customers’ feedback – the site has been built very much with future growth in mind and, reflecting the BAC service itself, our goal is to tailor the site precisely to the needs of BAC’s members.”

Dolby released a new version of the IMS3000 on the 1st March 2019, the IMS3000EN (EN = external NAS). This mediablock can be configured with an internal HDDs/SSDs or an external NAS. Dolby is supplying the NAS with the IMS3000EN and is using a qualified QNAP NAS device with 4x 4TB raid 5, giving 12TB of storage. The IMS3000EN has been released due to the popularity of the Showvault/IMB, which holds the storage to the mediablock.

The major advantage for BAC customers is the BAC48 Aurora library server can push new content to the mediablock/storage when the projector/mediablock is powered off, as the NAS will remain powered on at all time from the APC SMART UPS, so as soon as the projector/mediablock is powered on, the latest titles are ready to watch. Dolby_IMS3000_Product_Sheet.pdf

Febuary 2019

Annually BEL AIR CINEMA holds an event in Dubai to showcase its services and product to the region's integrators, partners, and clients — 2019 was no different, with BAC hosting the event on 13th February at one of the international cinema industry’s most ground-breaking luxury venues — THEATRE by Rhodes, at Vox Cinemas Mirdif City Centre.

Well-attended by many partners and prospective new partners, the event gave the opportunity for questions to be answered and, in addition, gave the BAC leadership team the chance to highlight the year-on-year growth the organisation has enjoyed.

Since 2016, BAC has consistently been delivering exclusive, certified and quality-driven cinematic content to its clients. In 2017, BAC delivered no fewer than 108 separate feature films with six of those being available on Premiere. The past year saw a marked growth, with BAC releasing 171 films in 2018, with 41 being available on Premiere. The BEL AIR CINEMA Premiere service is a highly exclusive service that BAC brings to its clients, allowing them to watch their selected films prior to the general theatrical release.

On top of its content offering, BEL AIR CINEMA demonstrated its intuitive hardware, illustrating how straightforward the service is to operate for end-users. BAC removes the considerable complications involved in getting a professional-grade film up on a screen. The system offers a simple purchase and play interface that cuts through the challenges of the DCI conventions (the highly specialised standards which govern version naming, audio and video formats and file distribution to cinemas worldwide). The BAC interface gives users the ability to explore the BAC library via genre, title and actor, in addition it gives clients the ability to watch cinema-standard trailers for upcoming titles.

At the Dubai event, BEL AIR CINEMA was also proud to showcase its newest hardware server — “Aurora”. This latest hardware offering is even more robust than previous versions, has lower power consumption and incorporates higher-spec enterprise RAID drives, as well as featuring as standard a sophisticated LED front panel that reflects the quality of the BAC service. The Aurora server delivers the promise of immersive experiences and transports BAC clients into the new worlds driven by the film director’s imagination.

Visitors of the BEL AIR CINEMA event were given an exclusive sneak peek into what BAC is bringing into the market for high-end apartments and super yachts. Further information will be made available in the coming months.

BEL AIR CINEMA would like to thank its many guests that attended this successful Dubai event, and we look forward to continuing our strong growth throughout 2019 and the years ahead. BAC remains — and is proven to be — committed to providing the world’s most exclusive private cinema network.

November 8th, 2018

Bel Air Cinema

Bel Air Cinema — the first company to offer day-and-date DCI-quality Hollywood content for cinemas in private residences and yachts — today announces the expansion of its operations within the MENA region following the appointment of Jason Harrod.

Heading up Bel Air Cinema’s Dubai office, Jason has a strong track record delivering major feature release content to screens internationally. Having worked on behalf of distribution entities including Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal Pictures International and Lionsgate Film in his former role as senior account manager at the leading film services company Motion Picture Solutions, Jason’s specialist experience makes him particularly well-positioned to support the technical demands of Bel Air Cinema’s ultra-high net worth customer-base.

“The Middle East is an increasingly significant market for us,” explains Bel Air Cinema’s founding partner and sales director, Guillaume Thomine Desmazures, “so being able to appoint someone of Jason’s calibre on the ground is a genuine strategic advantage. Our footprint within the MENA region is growing, with our growing Bel Air Cinema membership rapidly switching on to the unique nature of our commercial-grade platform. Jason’s years of experience managing delivery of the DCI-spec feature films our customers demand will ensure that the quality of our support in the region matches the professional quality of our content.”

“I’ve watched Bel Air Cinema’s growth with interest and have worked alongside the company’s key personnel for some time,” notes Jason, “and the chance to help drive Bel Air Cinema’s growth in such a significant market is an opportunity I’m eager to grasp. The technical nature of the company’s platform and the premium service levels Bel Air Cinema achieves are unrivalled — being in a position to deliver the promise of Bel Air Cinema’s unsurpassed entertainment experience to the end user is a privilege I look forward to.”

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