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With agreements with the world's leading Studios and distributors, Bel Air Cinema delivers the films you want on your screen.

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Bel Air Cinema’s members are enthusiasts about film of all genres, but, whether for security reasons or discretion, are unable to attend standard consumer screenings. They are used to timing events to suit their schedule and have the means and desire to screen the latest content straight from the day of release. We deliver this in a format drawn right from the director’s master file.

Supported by the major Studios

With the support of major Studios and distributors, Bel Air Cinema is unique in being able to offer clients exclusive access to the latest movies on the day of their release in theatres in your country.

A growing number of agreements gives our clients the privilege of watching leading movie content sooner than on any other platform in the best audio and video quality normally reserved for professionals. There is no buffering, simply the ultimate professional format for your private cinema.

Just hit play.

What you want and more…

Unlike algorithm-based VOD platforms, Bel Air Cinema depends on extensive industry knowledge of upcoming release slates and available formats together with an awareness of the features that define local markets. This in-depth knowledge helps us to recommend content that makes the most of your private cinema installation.

Ours is a bespoke service — Bel Air Cinema movie brokers create tailored movie lists customised to the tastes of each of our clients and their guests. This extends to ensuring the correct language versions are screened and that the optimum format is delivered.

Backed by our in-depth knowledge

As a Bel Air Cinema customer, we recognise that film is your passion, but your tastes probably extend beyond the latest box office hits. Let us help you explore the finest examples in the independent and classic film world.

With Bel Air Cinema, you can uncover cinematic gems from up-and-coming contemporary directors, as well as the best of the performing arts — or is Nineties Nordic Noir more your thing? Whatever your preference, our movie brokers hunt down the right film, the correct distributor and the perfect version for your private theater set-up.

We’re as passionate about film as you are — discuss your needs with our concierge service and they will come back to you to deliver — in professional-grade DCI-format — the finest content available.

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